MB Fabulous Tris…Beaver Freezer Again

Spring in Oregon is fickle. Last year the sun shone for the Beaver Freezer. This the cloud cover did not lift and rain fell. The temperature matched the name of the triathlon. Despite the conditions over I felt prepared even being sick several times during the training period.

Every year women and men alternate which pool they use. Last year I swam in the older pool and had a longer run to the transition area. This year meant the newer pool and a short run to the transition area. What I didn’t realize is the newer pool measured in meters not yards. The pool I practice in measures in yards, but luckily was a 37 yard pool  so I was prepared to swim in a meter pool. I jumped into the pool and started my first stroke. My face felt wetter then normal. I forgot to put on my googles!

Without too much effort I pulled my googles on and continued my swim. I swam a TWO minute PR from my tri this past July! Some family and friends stood outside the transition area near my things, which made it easier to remember where I had placed my things. I chatted with them briefly as I put on my bike gear. This was my first tri using my clip shoes. I felt strong on the bike and more like I understood how to bike. Ten days before the tri they had to change the bike course due to road damage caused by the weather. The course change meant a steeper hill. I had not trained for a hill like it. However, even with the hill I set a two minute PR for the Beaver Freezer bike portion!

Not training for the hill in the bike showed during the run. It took an entire lap for my legs to feel less cramped and tight. After they loosened I maintained an okay pace. When I say okay I ran 9:30 minute miles. I wasn’t aware of the pace because I purposely chose to not wear a watch. I wanted to go by how I felt not by time. A couple times I moved to speed up, but both my mind and body protested hurting more. The last two weeks outside of training I had experienced emotional and mental pain due to a circumstance outside of my control. My body and mind seemed tired of being in pain. They wanted to lean into the joy triathlons bring me. I made peace with an okay pace running and I leaned into the joy. The leaning still brought me a new PR overall on the Beaver Freezer course.


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