MB Fabulous Tris…Biking for Fun

For the most part I ride my bike to train or as transportation. Often I forget people take leisurely bike rides when the trails I ride are filled with other people training or commuters. This past weekend one of my closest friends from college was in town. She had an afternoon kid free and it was rain free so we decided to hop on bikes. The goal was to enjoy a leisurely bike ride while traveling toward the nearby wine country.

When we hit the trail my body and mind shifted into gear of how fast could I ride to our destination. I almost laughed out loud at myself. It felt like one of those cliche moments of stop and smell the roses. It took some mental readjusting, but I convinced myself to ride slow.

As we meandered along the trail I pointed out parts of my life. I’d spent hours on this trail sweating and feeling like a failure and/or a bad ass. I’d become more and more me during those hours. She doesn’t participate in endurance sports, but she saw and understood me as I described various points.

Besides telling her my story I told her about a bit about the area. I explained how the rapid growth had changed it. I described more about how the wine country was set up and the different places I was thinking we should try. Sometimes I think I’ll end up as a tour guide at some point in my life.

It was disconcerting for a moment when we arrived at our destination. I hadn’t broken a sweat. I reflexively looked at my wrist, no watch. Would this ride add or hinder my tri training? I almost laughed out loud again. Another cliche moment happened. I let go of the training mentality again and enjoyed a delightful afternoon with my friend.


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