MB Fabulous Tris…Bricks

Rain patters on the windows, the treadmill hums, and my face shimmers with sweat. I’m over halfway through an 85 minute brick work out. I’m trying a new brick training regime I found in Triathlete. At this point I want to be done and can’t decide if I think this new way is making a difference.

One of my goals again this year is to compete in a sprint tri. At the beginning of April I’ll be back at the Beaver Freezer ready to jump into the pool. Ideally, I’ll finish the tri faster then last year. However, the winter has proven to be wetter and colder and it has been hanging on so I’m expecting this year the Beaver Freezer will live up to its name this name compared to last year. Also, this round of training I’ve been fighting illness after illness. I’ve had to take more time to rest and less time to train. Today, though my mental game is on point and my mental strength seems to have improved compared to last year.

For this new type of brick work out I’ve been jumping between the bike and a treadmill. Often a brick work out is bike then run, but not going back and forth.  My body is exhausted. I don’t know if it is because I’m trying a different type of brick. I do know I stayed up too late the night before talking with friends. It’s time to dig deep. Time to get ugly (Pro runner Stephanie Bruce uses the phrase to describe her harder workouts.) While it is a training session moments like this will occur during the race. I need to train my mind.

I dig deep. I get ugly. It hurts. Then it feels like I’ve activated a superpower and the pain dulls. I can do this. I can work with the pain. I finish the brick strong. As I cool down I am amazed once again by what my body and mind accomplished. I feel the superpower deactivate as I finish my cool down and stretching. It’s okay it deactivates because I know where to find it again.


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