MB Fabulous Finds… Teammates

On the night before the Montana Women’s Triathlon a woman stopped and said hi to me at a community event. Recognition took a moment, but I smiled and said hi back. She and I had been high school cross-country teammates. Ofter her and I ran at similar paces and she motivated me through difficult workouts. I had forgotten she lived the town. The two of us caught up and I felt less stress about the impeding triathlon.

The next day as I puttered around the transition area trying not to let my nerves get the best of me they called for us to line up. Something had gone wrong with the timing system and they needed to rematch our bib numbers. In line I spotted a Voleé teammate who at the same time noticed me. We started to chat. I told her this would be my first time wearing the Voleé singlet. She told me there was magic in wearing the singlet the first time and mostly likely I would PR. The chat eased my nerves. During the run we passed each other on the course and high five. That little extra bit of seeing my teammate gave  me a boost. And she was right about the magic. I had a PR.

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