MB Fabulous Tris…To relearn to bike

Part way through the bike portion of the Beaver Freezer it occurred to me, “I really don’t know how to bike.” I laughed. Here I was somewhere between miles 6 and 8 on a bike, still moving forwards so obviously I knew how to bike. But I was right. I didn’t know how to really bike.

Part of me rode like the little kid who used to ride up and down the neighborhood streets or along the river trail. Part of me rode with caution like my adolescent self who had flipped over my bars on a mountain bike ride or the college student who’s clothes, luckily not my skin, had a nasty road rash scar. It was enough to keep me moving forward and knowing how to use gears except it meant I lacked the technique of biking.

Running high school cross-country and track drilled running form into my subconscious. If I’ve been running a long time I’ll recheck my form, but for the most part I don’t think about it. As an adult I took swim lessons and the instructors drilled into my head the importance of good swim technique. If you have good technique it will save you a lot of effort. I continue to practice technique drills. Weirdly, I have never thought twice about my  biking technique.

Now almost two weeks post trip one of my new goals is relearning how to bike. I have some drills I can practice. It will take some patience, but I’m looking forward to relearning.

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