MB Fabulous…Had so much FUN

Due to work travel this past week the post is later then I would’ve liked. Thanks for your patience.

The Beaver Freezer was pure FUN! I can think of a million things I could’ve done differently during the triathlon, but I gave it my best and had so much fun.


One of the perks of the Beaver Freezer is I saw an old friend who I hadn’t seen in ten years. We caught up and they let me and stay at their place Friday night.

When I arrived Saturday morning I started to become intimidated by all the people wearing Ironman and Wildflower gear and with fancy bikes. At the pool when I checked in for my heat I started to wonder if signing up was a mistake. Why had I made this a yearly goal? However, I reminded myself trying something new was scary and trust my training and me.

The Swim:

I swam with close to perfect group of three other swimmers possible for me. For most of the 10 laps I swam by myself, which meant not needing to pass anyone or anyone right on my tail waiting to pass me. To signal your last lap they put a read sign in the water. As I watched the red sign dip into the water for me I felt a rush of encouragement. My Olympic swimmer fantasy started to play in my head. One last lap, the swim was over, and only two events to go.


It was a long run from the pool to the transition area. It wasn’t cold, but my feet started to freeze. The husband and tiny human cheered me on as I entered the transition area. When I emerged from the transition area with my bike my sister stood with them cheering.

The Bike:

I had to stop early in the bike to put my race belt in my jacket pocket. The race bib flapped too much in the wind and I found it annoying. The rest of the ride went well. The course had a few hills. Mostly, it was false flats. While it did hurt my ego it was awe inspiring to be passed by a 72 year old (For those unfamiliar with triathlons, they mark your leg with your age) in the last four miles. I hope to ride like that if I live to 72.


The second transition happened fairly quick and as I ran through transition I realized my feet were numb. At the same time I felt pumped up for my run as Eye of the Tiger blared over the sound system.

The Run:

I almost achieved another one of my yearly goals on the run. I ran a 26:36 5k. I ran negative splits. I can’t wait to try a 5k by itself!

A huge shout out to my cheer/support team! They such a different especially standing half way up the hill on the run, which I had to run three times.

One yearly goal accomplished and I’m hooked on triathlons!


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