MB Fabulous Tris… Not to freak out

Pre-race jitters come and go. While I know I am a swimmer and I am fierce, I still harbor moments of doubt. I think about what could go wrong with the swim, which ranges  from the over dramatic of I could drown to my ego would be hurt if I am super slow. The bike-I can go on and on what could go wrong with that contraption. However, my pre-race jitters end when I think about the run. The 5k (3.1 miles) run is my old friend.

Over the years I’ve had sweet and bitter memories with the 5k run. Some of the sweet memories include making the district team in high school or charging up a hill, pushing a stroller, and passing people like they were standing still. Those memories bring a smile to my lips and remind me why I love to run. The bitter memories include the times the pain seemed to be too much and I slowed down my pace or when I left my stomach contents on the course or just past the finish line. In those bitter memories even with how ugly things may have gotten I remember I am enough and why I love to run.

Pre-race jitters will come and go until I start the swim. From that moment I will lean into the discomfort, trust my training, and know I can handle whatever happens. I will relax a bit when I rack my bike and take off for the 5k run. It will be good to see my old friend again.

My husband will attempt to do some live tweeting of the Beaver Freezer Sprint Triathlon this coming Saturday morning. The tweets will be under my handle @frodojags if you are interested in tuning in.


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