MB Fabulous Tris… Yearly Goals

At the beginning of every high school cross-country season the coaches handed out training logs and told us to write our goals. My goals usually looked like this:

  • Earn a varsity letter
  • Be one of the top 21 runners on our team
  • Pick the hard course at Seaside (This is a cop out goal because the course you ran was  picked at random)

I want to say I wrote every day in my training log, posted the goals up in my bedroom, and looked at them every day while playing the Chariots of Fire soundtrack over and over. I didn’t. I didn’t take goal setting seriously in high school.

Several years ago when I came out of running retirement I rarely set goals. I signed up for my first out of retirement race because the massive life event of moving half way across the country (for the first time) was happening and I need to cope. It was in the Governor’s Cup race in Montana. My goal was to finish the race. I did with snow falling all around me on a June morning.

Finishing a race became my primary goal, which is a great goal. However, I didn’t  sit down every year with a training log and write goals of how many or what races I wanted to run. Instead most of my races fell into two categories, “Wow, sounds like a fun race. Let’s run it.” or “Oh my gosh, I’m going through a massive life change and need to race.”

This year I sat down  with a training journal and wrote yearly goals. Why the change of heart? I’m not a strong Type A personality so goals don’t usually hold a strong appeal to me. But for 2016 I wanted to feel inspired.  I wanted to plan out my fabulous adventures in racing knowing they will change, but at least I had an idea of what inspired me.

My 2016 Yearly Goals

  • Complete my first sprint triathlon
  • Run a sub 26 minute 5k
  • Run a sub 2 hour half marathon
  • Journal the process in my Believe Training Journal (Go Team Lavender!)

My first goal I plan to check off is my sprint triathlon-the Beaver Freezer.



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